Hi, I'm Yuanyuan Gao, a Postdoctoral Associate from Boston University.

Research Interests

  • Functional near-infrared spectroscopy

  • Neuroimaging

  • Neuromodulation

  • Human motor learning

  • Motor function recovery

  • Machine/deep learning

  • Biostatistics

Teaching Interests

  • General areas:

· Biomedical imaging

· Statistics

· Machine/deep learning

  • Specialized courses:

· Image/data processing

· Neuroimaging

· Bioinformatics & biostatistics

· Brain computer interface (BCI) systems

· Biofeedback system

· From neurons to behavior

· Human factors

  • Laboratory studies

· Neuroimaging and neurofeedback devices.

· Machine learning and deep learning in biomedical data mining, and bioinformatics (coding intense)

Selected work


Image reconstruction of fNIRS data with short separation

Gao et al. 2022, SPIE Bios

poster GLM DOT.pptx

Short separation generalized linear model (GLM) based image reconstruction of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data

Gao et al. 2021, fNIRS conference

Neuroimaging biomarkers for surgical skill level prediction

Gao et al. SPIE bios (poster presentation)

Gao_YI Finalist_2020.pdf

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Speeds up Surgical Bimanual Motor Learning and Increases Functional Activation

Gao et al. 2020. MHSRS (Award paper)


Get in touch at sy1007212@gmail.com